Level of service offered : Tenant Finding Service

Fee : £ equal to one month’s rent

Initial six month Assured Shorthold Tenancy will include

  • Inclusion on our “Property available to Rent” list.
  • Inclusion on our Grice & Hunter website.
  • “To Let” board.
  • Tenant Comprehensive Assessment with Letsure.
  • Preparing the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Collect and remit initial months’ rent received (deducting any pre-tenancy invoices).
  • Provide tenant with HMRC NRL8 (if applicable).
  • Registering the security deposit with the Deposit Protection Services and issuing the Prescribed
    Information within 30 days of the start of the tenancy.
  • Return of security deposit(s) as agreed with landlord and tenant to relevant parties.
  • Remit any disputed amount to the DPS for final adjudication.
  • Unprotect security deposit(s).

Additional Fees and Charges:

Obtaining Energy Performance Certificate:
This is a statutory requirement.
£100.00 (Inc VAT)
Inventory Fee/Schedule of Condition:
1 Bed £132.00 (Inc VAT)
2 Bed £156.00 (Inc VAT)
3 Bed £180.00 (Inc VAT)
4 Bed £204.00 (Inc VAT)
£156.00 (Inc VAT)
£180.00 (Inc VAT)
£204.00 (Inc VAT)
£228.00 (Inc VAT)
Renewal Fee:
Negotiation, amending and updating terms and
arranging a further tenancy and Agreement.
£ 50% of one month’s rent.
Check out Fee (if applicable)
Attending at property to undertake an updated Schedule
of Condition based on the original inventory and
negotiating the repayment of the security deposit(s).
1 Bed £60.00 (Inc VAT)
2 Bed £84.00 (Inc VAT)
3 Bed £108.00 (Inc VAT)
4 Bed £132.00 (Inc VAT)
£84.00 (Inc VAT)
£108.00 (Inc VAT)
£132.00 (Inc VAT)
£156.00 (Inc VAT)
Grice & Hunter is a firm regulated by the RICS.
Ombudsmen Services: Property.
The Deposit Protection Service.


1. You must obtain any consent required for the proposed letting from your mortgagee (if applicable).

2. You must notify your insurers when the letting takes place.

3. You must supply us with certification in relation to :

• Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

• Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulation 1988 (if applicable).

4. You must ensure that the property complies with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994.

5. You must ensure the property complies with the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England)

Regulations 2015.

6. Landlords are reminded that rent cover and legal protection insurance is available in the market if


7. Unless otherwise instructed we normally place a ‘to let’ board on the property.

8. Unless otherwise agreed the tenant is normally liable for Council Tax, Water Rates and statutory

undertakings, etc.

9. If you do nothing at the end of the term the tenancy will automatically run on from one rent period to

the next on the same terms as the preceding fixed term shorthold tenancy. This is then called a

statutory periodic tenancy. This tenancy will continue to run on this basis until you replace it, the

tenant leaves or you seek possession from the tenant.

10. If you let a property on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy you can gain possession of your property 6

months after the beginning of the tenancy, provided that you give 2 months’ notice that you require

possession (subject to the provisions of the Deregulation Act 2015).

11. Prior to letting an Inventory should be undertaken on the property to fully record its condition in the

event of any future dispute.

12. At the time of letting a note should always be made as to the presence and/or quantity of any items

such as fuel oil, gas bottles etc., and to what extent these items are to be replaced or reinstated on

termination of the tenancy.

13. Landlords are advised to consult an Accountant with regard to Income Tax and any other potential tax


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